How do I take pallets in return?

Step 1 - Open the delivery module

On the left side of your screen, you will find various modules, including the Delivery module. You will find various options under this button.
To take pallet(s) back for return, it's important to know the original export note of your return pallet(s). You can easily check this by scanning the barcode of the pallet(s) using the mobile app; then you can find the export note in the details.

Step 2 - Open Export

In the menu located under Delivery, you will find the item Export. This opens the screen with an overview of all delivery notes related to the export. You may need to adjust the period filter at the top to find your note.

Step 3 - Open Delivery Note Details

On the right side in the Actions column, you will find the blue Open button. Use this button to open the screen with the details of the delivery note.
You will only find the return button if your delivery note is completed.

Step 4 - Take Pallet(s) Back

You will find the Return button in the status box.

When you click on the Return button, you will get a new screen where you can make a selection from the pallet(s) that are being returned. Select the ones that are returning and press Save.
Afterwards, you will return to the details of your delivery note. Pallet(s) that have been returned will be marked with a return status.

Step 5 - Create Credit Note

If an order has already been placed, you will receive a pop-up message stating that the selected codes have already been invoiced.
When you go to the details of the order, you will see a dropdown menu with the option to credit return under the invoice button.
Only the pallet(s) you have marked for return will be visible on the credit note. 
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