I am receiving an error message regarding phenology in my spraybook

This support article provides a step-by-step solution for handling error messages related to phenology in the Spraybook. These instructions can assist users in identifying and correcting issues related to phenological stages in crop treatments.


I am encountering the following error in my spray script: Error code: 10 - For this treatment date, we couldn't find any dosage(s). The substance is phenologically limited.


Always work from the oldest treatment to the newest to set the phenological stages correctly. These work in numerical order so you can never go back in time. This prevents duplicate work and avoids having to adjust newly added stages again.


Step 1 - Open substance details

Open the details of the treatment where the error occurs. Click on the red Error button to open the substance details. Consult the substance details to determine between which phenological stages the substance can be used.

In the substance details, you can see per crop what the authorizations are for this specific substance:

Step 2 - Treatment details

Return to the treatment details and go to the Phenology section. There, under the phenological stages, you will find a blue Phenology button. Click on this and you will be redirected to the Phenology item under Spraybook - Treatments.

Step 3 - Changing, adding, or removing a phenological stage

Depending on what phenological stages are already recorded, you will need to add, modify, or remove a stage. This is explained in detail in the article: "How do I add/edit or remove phenology?" Clicking this link will redirect you to this article. You can directly go to the step How to add/edit or remove a phenology.

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