How do I make a pick order?

Step 1 - Open Delivery Module

On the left side of your screen, you will find various modules, including the Delivery module. This contains the item Order Picking. Clicking here will give you an overview list of all Pick Orders.

Step 2 - Create New Pick Order

Click on New Pick Order at the top right to proceed to the next screen.

Step 3 - Fill in Pick Order Details

Here you will need to fill in several parameters such as:

  • Date: Date when the pick order occurred or will occur.
  • Sender: This is the person from whom the delivery originates, since you are creating the order, this will usually be yourself.
  • Customer: This is the person for whom the delivery is intended.
  • Client: Here you can indicate who the client is.
  • Reference: Here you have the option to add a reference. This field is not mandatory.
  • Transporter: Here you indicate who is responsible for transporting the fruit.
  • Delivery Location: Indicate the location where the fruit will be delivered. Some companies have multiple delivery locations.
  • Comments: Here you have the opportunity to say something about the delivery that is important to you. This field is of course not mandatory.

Step 4 - Add Products

Since pick orders are generally based on variety, it is crucial to emphasize this when creating products in sorting. Also, special attention should be paid to the customer. Only products belonging to the own company or assigned to the specific customer in the pick order will be visible. Products whose customer does not match the customer of the pick order (or are not from the own company) will not be displayed.

For detailed instructions on creating sorting products, please refer to the support article: "How do I create a new product?". This article explains step by step how a sorting product can be created.

If the above steps have been executed correctly, an overview will appear when creating your pick order with all eligible products. At the top of this overview, a filter field is displayed, allowing you to search in a more specific way.

Select the products the customer needs by checking them. Additionally, there is the possibility to add new products via the duplicate button.

Then click on the green button 'Add as Individual', after which a pop-up screen will appear to enter the quantities.
If you sell multiple sizes of the same product (e.g. 40/+), then select all the options that may be included, and then you have the option 'Add as Bulk'. You enter the total number of Collis or pallets, and during picking, any of these sizes can be used.

In the pop-up screen, you have the option to enter the number of Colli or pallets. When entering pallets, the system calculates how many Colli this includes. After saving, you can edit the products to add prices and possibly make adjustments to the number of Colli or pallets.

For your information, explanation of All-in, gross, and net prices:

  • All-in: Price for the entire package, including all packaging materials.
  • Gross price: Price for the entire package excluding the packaging materials that are listed "excluding" under empty goods.
  • Net price: Price for the fruit, here the empty goods items that are included are subtracted from the gross price.

Step 5 - Creating a Delivery Note

After adding the desired products and quantities to your pick order, you can create a delivery note.

Step 6 - Picking Products

You can open the created delivery note in the mobile app.

If you have added products for which you do not need a full pallet, we recommend consulting the following article: How do I split pallets on my export note

Under order picking, you can only add the products you have specified in your pick order. Once you reach the requested quantity, the line will light up green.

If you have not reached the requested quantity yet, this line will light up orange.

After adding the requested products and quantities, close the delivery note, and your pick order will also be marked as completed.

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