How to work with the Pluc-o-Trak

Step 1 - Create Labels

To start using the Pluc-o-Trak, it's important to first create a Harvest Registration. You can create a harvest registration and print labels using the following link. Create the harvest registration using the scan method. This way, the codes will be activated once they are scanned on the machine.

How do I register my harvest?

Step 2 - Storage bins on the Pluc-o-Trak

After entering the harvest registration, affix the generated labels to the stock crates. Once a crate is labeled, it can be placed on the Pluc-o-Trak. It will scan the code and send the acquired data to your Agromanager environment. You will now find information about the quality, picking data, and bin exchanges for each scanned code.

Step 3 - Generate Harvest Quality Report

On the left side of your screen, you'll find various modules, including the Harvest module. This module contains the option for reports; click here, and you'll reach the overview of the reports.

Select the harvest quality report.

Fill in Data

Indicate the basis on which you want to view the quality: harvest, fridge, or delivery. Enter the start and end dates and choose a variety or select all. If you choose a single variety, you can further select a plot and cultivation. If everything is correct, click on generate. The report provides an overview of size compared to % blush.

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