How do I add empties to my stock?

Step 1 - Open Delivery Module

On the left side of your screen, you will find various modules, such as the Delivery module. By clicking here you will get various options, including the section Import. This will give you an overview of all Import Notes.


Step 2 - New Import Note

Click on New Import note at the top right to go to the next screen.

    • Fill in Import note Details

      On the left side of your screen, various parameters appear that need to be filled in. Those with * are mandatory to fill in.

      Type: This is automatically filled in.
      Date: Date when the import occurred or will occur.
      Supplier: Here you fill in where the import is coming from.
      Recipient: Here you indicate for which company the fruit is intended.
      Transport: Here you indicate who is responsible for transporting the fruit.
      Client: Here you can indicate who the client is.
      License Plate 1 and 2: This is an optional field. Here you have the possibility to fill in the license plate(s) of the (freight) trucks that delivered these.
      Delivery Reference: This is a field where you can choose what to fill in. This can be, for example, the delivery number stated on the supplier's delivery note itself.
      Comments: Here you have the possibility to say something about the delivery that is important to you. This field is obviously not mandatory.

    • Checklist

      On the right side, you can use a checklist to evaluate the delivery. You can customize/add this yourself through lists under my company. (My company -> lists -> checklist)

    • Save Import Note

      Once you have filled in all the data correctly, you can click on the green Save button at the bottom of the screen. You will then get a screen with all the details of this import note.

Step 3 - Adding Empties

From the detail screen of the delivery note, you can click on Import in the status bar.You will be redirected to the import page where you can enter a New registration for empties.

If you choose empties, you will get a pop-up where you can choose from empties type, empties item, the quantity, and how many items you want per barcode sticker. You can choose to print the barcode sticker or not and stick it on the empties item.

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