How do I register my harvest?



Step 1 - Open Harvest module

You will find the different modules on the left side of your screen. Here you will find the Harvest module .

Step 2 - Open registration overview

In the menu under Harvest you will find the item Registration . Through this Item you open the screen with an overview of all your loads. If you work with hard and soft fruit you can choose between unsorted and sorted .


Step 3 - Add a new crop registration

At the top right of your screen you will find the green button New harvest registration . You can register a new registration through this button.

When creating a new load, you have to go through two steps, namely entering the fruit and entering the packaging.

Step 4 - Enter fruit data

  • Unsorted fruit

    When creating, you must enter the following information.

    Grower: This is a fixed field and is equal to your company name.
    Customer: Here you can specify a customer. This can be useful when you sell "On Stam".
    Date:  This is the pick date printed on the label.
    Pick: The pick you are working on. For pears this is standard "1". For apples you choose between one, second, third, ... picking.
    Responsible person: This free field is also printed on the label. You can use this to make personal designations.
    Variety: The variety you are about to pick, or have picked.
    Cultivation:  The cultivation where the fruit was picked.
    Tags: This is a list of self-chosen extra criteria for your fruit (eg:heads). Tags are printed on the label.
    Comments:Here you can add additional comments for this cargo. It is NOT printed on the label.

    Click Next at the bottom right to go to the next step.

  • Sorted fruit

    This will only be visible for growers of Softfruit or a combination of Hard and Softfruit

Step 5 - Enter packaging data

When creating, you must enter the following information.

Type: Here you indicate which type of packaging you use. You can choose storage box or colli/pallet.

You can indicate different types, the following parameters must be entered.

  • storage bin

    Number of storage boxes:  Enter the number of used storage bins here. This is also the number of labels that will be created.
    Fruit weight:  The fruit weight per storage bin. You can also distinguish between the "exact" weight or the weight that is "approximately" in the bin.
    Storage bin: This field is not editable. It will show you the empty behind the packaging you choose.
  • Colli/pallet

    Packing name: choose from the dropdown list or create a new packaging.
    Number: The number of pallets or colli's you want to register. In the dropdown you can switch between pallets and colli's.
    Colli / Pallet: The number of colli/pallet is specified during the packaging setup. It's possible to change it here.
    Fruit weight (Kg): It's possible to enter the exact or about amount with the drop down.
    Colli: This is not editable, shows you information on the empty behind the packaging.
    Pallet: Here you can choose the type of pallet underneed the colli.

Click Next at the bottom right to go to the next step.

Step 6 - Enter Varia

Activation method:   Here you can choose between:

  • Direct

    The codes are immediately active. They are immediately included in your stock and in your harvest report.
    If you throw away codes, you have to remove them one by one from the system. This with remove codes, non existent. With lost they will still be taken into account on your harvest report.
  • Later

    You have to activate the codes manually, you do this in the details of the registration. At the bottom you will find a button activate codes, via the pop-up you can indicate how many codes you want to activate.
  • Scan

    The codes are only activated (put in stock) if you use them somewhere with the scanner or computer. This means: A code is placed in the cold storage or is placed on a delivery note or ... 
    If you throw away (unused) codes, you don't have to do anything else. You can also activate the codes manually, you do this in the details of the registration. At the bottom you will find a button activate codes, via the pop-up you can indicate how many codes you want to activate. 

Step 7- Save Harvest Record

Click on Ready at the bottom right to create your registration.

If all settings are correct, you should get an extra tab with the codes to print.
If this is not the case, please refer to "Are pop-ups blocked?" at the bottom of this page.

Step 8 - Print your code

In this step you print all codes. If you only want to print a certain code, you must first press "details" next to the desired code and then press "print" at the top right.


Are pop-ups blocked? 

You click "Ready" when creating a harvest registration, but you do not see the barcodes.

Then look in your screen at the top right if you see the following icon:  mceclip2.png

If so, pop-ups will be blocked.
To make the registration go as smoothly as possible, it is useful to allow pop-ups.
This makes it possible for Agromanager to automatically make the barcodes visible.

You do this by clicking on the icon and then selecting "Always allow pop-ups and redirects from".
Finally, click "Done".

The barcodes of your next registration should now automatically become visible.

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