Where can I find the details of my cold storage and edit, print or remove them?

Step 1 - Open Cold store Module

On the left side of your screen, you will find various modules, including the module Cold store. This module has different options, including Overview, which opens the screen with an overview of your cold storage cells.

Step 2 - Open Cold store Details

You can open the details of your cold storage by clicking on Details. This blue button can be found in the Actions column.

Next, you will get an overview of all the details of your cold store:

  • Cold store Plan: Here, you have an overview of your cold storage, showing you where everything is located and how full it is. The numbers represent the number of storage bins, and the color represents the origin of the products. The layout is based on the criteria specified in the legend.
  • Data: These are the general details (name, address, etc.) of the cold store.
  • Legend: This will show you the legend of the cold store plan. Here, you can change the visual grouping of your storage bins/pallets. You get a choice of crop, plot, variety, picking, import date, size, packaging, grower, delivery, tag, crop + picking. Depending on what you choose here, your legend will look different.


    If you want to use different colors in your fridge plan, you can easily change this. You can do this by clicking on the color in the Actions column and then selecting a new color. You can also choose whether you want the text color in white/black. You can do this by ticking the "White" square on or off.


  • Codes: Here, you will find the codes of the storage bins present in the cold store. You will also find the data of the storage bins with the blue details button in the Actions column.

Stap 3 - Printing, Editing, and Deleting cold stores

At the top, you will find a white "Print" button, an orange "Edit" button, and a red "Delete" button.

Printing gives you an overview of the fridge with the legend.

Editing allows you to modify the data of the refrigerated cell.

Deleting will remove the refrigerated cell from your overview.


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