Where can I find an overview of my data?

Open overview

On the left side of your screen you will find the various modules. In the overview below the desired module "Harvest", "Quality","...", you will find the "Overview" button. you will find the button "Overview". Pressing this button will open the screen with the overview of the desired item.


Specific search

If you are specifically looking for data on a certain date, you can choose to enter the desired date. This is also possible for other topics such as packaging, plot, total (kg),..... These data differ per module.


Filter overview

You can choose to filter the overview by the green words in the overview bar. This data differs per module.

If the word is in a green frame, you know it is selected and included in your filter. 
In the example below, you will see data for each component.


If a word is white, it is not selected and the option is not visible in the data.
In the example below, you will get all the data from your harvest with the exclusion of "Kg/Kist".



Arranging overview

If you want to order your overview by date, from small to large or alphabetically, you can click on the two little arrows next to the item you want to filter.

mceclip8.png Press this symbol if you want to order the item.

mceclip5.png This symbol shows the component in order from small to large

mceclip9.png Dit symbool geeft de gegevens van groot naar klein


Filter period

If you only want to see the data of a certain period, you can click on the blue button "Period filter" at the top right of the screen. Then fill in the desired period.



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