How to add a new virtual weather station?

Open Cultivation Module

On the left side of your screen you will find the different modules. Here you will find the module "cultivation". By clicking you will get several options under this button.

Open weather station

In the overview under "Cultivation" you will find the button "Weather station". By pressing this you open the screen with an overview of all your weather stations..


Add new weather station

At the top of the list, you will find the green button "New weather station". Clicking this button will bring up the options 'Virtual' and 'Wolky Tolky'. To create a virtual weather station, click on 'Virtual'. This opens the screen to create a new Virtual Weather Station.


 If you would like to link a Wolky Tolky to your agromanager, please refer to the following article:

How to pair my Wolky Tolky to my Agromanager?


Allow or block location

At the top left you can indicate whether or not you want to turn on your location.

If you click on "Allow", an automatic location determination will be done via the web browser. The automatic location can sometimes differ from the desired location. If this is the case, click on the desired location on the map.

If you click on "Block", this will not happen.


Select weather station

You will receive a map on the right side of your screen. Search the plot on this map where you want to add a weather station. See example below:

 Loading source image


Fill in data

On the left side of your screen you fill in the data of this new weather station. 

Name: each weather station will be given a name.
Type: virtual: this means that the data, applicable to this location, will be consulted online. This will be filled in automatically, since you have just chosen 'Virtual'.
Source: The online service from which the weather data is retrieved.
Interval: The number of hours the data is retrieved again.


Save weather station

You can save the weather station by clicking on the green "Save" button.
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