How do I register a sorted pallet through fruit registration?


Step  1 - Open Fruit Registration

On the left side of your screen, you will find various modules. Here, under the Sorting module, you will find the Fruit Registration. Clicking here will open the screen displaying an overview of all your sorting lots.

Step 2 - Open Sorting Lot

On the right side, at the sorting lot, you will find the blue button Open. Clicking here will open the screen displaying all the data related to this sorting lot. At the top right, you'll find the New Registration button.

Step 3 - Add New Registration

Enter fruit registration details. For this step, you need to go through three sections.

    • Fruit Data

      The first part for a new fruit registration is the Fruit Data section.
      Here, the following parameters need to be filled in:

      • Customer: Indicate who the customer is for the fruit you want to create a fruit registration for. Information about sorted fruit can be shared with the customer through data sharing.
      • Size Type: based on size or number of pieces.
        • Size: Specify the lower and upper size of the variety.
        • Pieces: Specify the number of pieces.
      • Category: Indicate the category of this fruit. To create a new category, we kindly refer you to the article "How do I add a new item to the list?"
      • Variety: This is automatically filled in. Normally, this should not need to be changed.
      • Cultivation: This is automatically filled in. Normally, this should not need to be changed.
      • Remarks: Here, you have the opportunity to mention anything important about the registration for you. This field is not mandatory.

      Then click on the green button Next. This will take you to the screen to specify packaging details.

    • Packaging Information

      In the section of Packaging Information, you have two options:

      colli/pallet Storage bin
      • Packaging name: Specify the correct packaging name.
      • Quantity: Enter the number of pallets.
      • Colli: Specify the correct number of units/packages (colli). It might be automatically filled in.
      • Colli amount: This is the number of units/packages (colli) on 1 pallet.
      • Fruit weight: This is the weight of the fruit per unit/package (colli).
      • Pallet: Automatically filled in (from the packaging), you can also indicate if you do not want a pallet.

      If the parameters are filled in, then click on the green button Next. This button is located at the bottom right of the parameters.


Various Data

On the screen of Various Data, the following parameters need to be filled:

  • Label layout: Here, you have a choice of various layouts depending on what information you want to display on the sticker.
  • Activation method: Here, you have the option of choosing between 'direct' and 'Later'.
    • Later: The code becomes active only when it is scanned or used somewhere.
    • Direct: The code becomes active immediately after you have created this registration.

Afterwards, click on the green button Finish. This button is located at the bottom of the parameters.

After finishing, you will be redirected to the print page where you can choose whether or not to print your barcode.


Regardless of whether you print the code or not, it will be registered in your environment using the direct method. If you choose the later method and do not scan or use the code anywhere, it will not be included in your inventory.

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