Export: How do I add a product to the delivery note?


Step 1 - Open Export

On the left side of your screen, you'll find various modules, including the Delivery module. This contains 2 types of delivery notes, Import and Export. Clicking on Export will display an overview list of all Export notes.

Step 2 - Open Delivery Note Details

On the right, next to the delivery note, you'll find the blue button Open. Clicking here opens the screen with the details of the delivery note.

Step 3 - Add Code

Next, click on the green button Add. This is located in the section Unsorted Loaded, Sorted Loaded, and Empties Loaded. This will open a screen to add a code.

  • Unsorted and Sorted

    • Enter Code:

      Before you start entering, it's important to select a filter from which you'll send your delivery. Then indicate which ones you want to add; multiple selections are possible. Then press the blue button search.

      Next, you'll see a step further the available fruit. Here, you can add filters again to make the search easier.

    • Designate Fruit

      If you have entered one or more parameters, you'll get codes that match the parameters. You can select the codes via the checkbox. If you need all the codes displayed on your screen, click on the checkbox at the top of the list.

      Once you've selected them all, click save.

      Useful Tip:

      If you want to select multiple codes, it's best to make all codes visible.

      Show all entries
  • Empties

    • Enter Code:

      To add a code, the following parameters must be filled in: 
        • Supplier: Who is the supplier of this empties?
        • Empties type: Here, indicate the type of empties it is.
        • Empties: Indicate the correct empties.
    • Add Empties

      Next, you'll see the empties that match the parameters. To add empties, click on the checkbox to the left of the empties. Once you've selected the empties you want to add, click on the green button Next.

      Then, you must enter the quantity of empties you wish to add.
      To complete, click on the green button Add. Next to the quantity, you'll find the available amount.


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