How do I add a new sortinglot?


Step 1 - Open Sorting Lot

On the left side of your screen, you'll find various modules, including the sorting module. Here, you'll find multiple items like Sorting Lot. By selecting this item, you'll open a screen displaying an overview of all your sorting lots.

Step 2 - New Sorting Lot

At the top of the overview list, click on New Sorting Lot. Then indicate whether it's a sorting or repackaging.

  • Sorting: You'll sort unsorted or presorted fruit.
  • Repackaging: You'll repack sorted fruit.

Step 3 - Sorting

  • Fill in Lot Data

    To create a sorting lot, the following parameters need to be filled in:

    • Date: This is the date when this sorting lot will be executed.
    • Lot Name: Every sorting lot needs a name.
    • Lot Reference: Here, you have the option to add a reference to your sorting lot.
    • Sorting Machine: Indicate the machine on which you'll execute this sorting lot.
    • Client: Specify the client of this sorting lot.
    • Packer: Indicate the packer of this sorting lot.
    • Comments: Here, you have the option to note anything important about the sorting lot. This field is not mandatory.

  • Options

    In this section, you have the chance to answer the following questions:

    • Automatic lot change on registration? This looks at the crop of the last entered unsorted/presorted fruit bin. It then determines which crop will be listed on the pallet of sorted fruit.
    • Register responsible party? If multiple people are registering at the machine, this can be helpful for tracing purposes.

    These answers are automatically filled in, but you can adjust them by clicking on Options or the arrow on the right. 

  • Fruit Input

    This section is about the fruit being IMPORTED into the sorting lot. The following parameters need to be filled in:

    • Grower: Here, you can indicate whether you want to sort fruit from a single grower (Limited) or multiple growers (All). If you choose Limited, you need to specify the grower on the right.
    • Variety: Specify the variety you wish to sort.
    • Country of Origin: Here, you can indicate whether you want fruit from a single country (Limited) or from multiple countries (All). If you choose Limited, you need to specify the country of origin on the right.

  • Fruit Registration

    This part is about the information that needs to be displayed on the label of the packaging.

    If you entered all parameters in Fruit Input as Limited, you won't be able to change this part. If you selected All for any of these parameters, you can modify one or more of the following parameters:

    • Grower: Indicate the grower to be listed on the label / output.
    • Variety: You cannot modify this parameter.
    • Country of Origin: Specify the country of origin to be listed on the label / output.

  • Products

    If you have already created products and filled in all the details, the products that match these choices will appear in the Products section at the bottom of your screen. Here, you can indicate which products you want to link to this sorting lot. 

    If you haven't created any products yet, this section will not display anything. This doesn't hinder the saving of the sorting lot. 

  • Save Sorting Lot

    Once all the data is entered, click on Save to save the information. Then, you'll see the screen displaying all the data of your sorting lot.

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