How do I deactivate or activate a user?

Open module My Company

On the left you will find various modules. Here you will see the module "My Company". By clicking on it you will get several options under this button. 


Open users 

In the overview that is located under "My Company", you will find the button "Users". Clicking on this will open the screen with an overview of all users.

Open user details

You can access the user's details by clicking on "Details". This blue button is located to the right of the name in the "Actions" column.

Next, you'll get a screen with the user's details.


At the top right in details you will find the red button "Deactivate". By clicking here the user is deactivated.

Now next to status there is a red line with "Not active".

Schermafbeelding_2021-02-23_162843.png                  Schermafbeelding_2021-02-23_162902.png                     



Now if you want to activate the user again you will find the green button "Activate" in the same place.
Now next to status there is a green line with "Active".

   Schermafbeelding_2021-02-23_162916.png                  Schermafbeelding_2021-02-23_162938.png

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