How to add a new device?

Open module My Company

On the left you will find various modules. Her you will see the module "My Company". by clicking on it, you will get several options under this button


Open devices

In the overview located under "My Company" you will find the "Devices" button. By clicking on it, you will open the screen with an overview of your devices.

New devices 

At the top you will find the green button "New Device". Clicking on this will open the screen to add a new device.

Fill in data 

To add a new device, the following parameters must be entered:

Name: Each device needs a unique name
App: You have three options:
Agromanager mobile: all fruit related actions
Agromanager timer: for hourly recordings
Agromanager Harvest App: link between timing and harvest
Type: Indicates the type of device



If you have completed the parameters, click the green "Save" button.
After saving, you get a QR code that must be scanned by the type of device you have chosen.
Only when you have scanned the code does the device join the system.
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