How do I add new invoicing data?

Open my company module 

On the left you will find various modules. Here you will find the module "My company". By clicking on it, you will get different options under this button.


Open invoicing data

In the overview under 'My company', you will find the button "invoicing data". By clicking on it, you will open the screen with an overview of the invoicing data.

New billing data

At the top you will find the green button "New billing data". By clicking on it, you open the screen to create new invoicing data.

Fill in data 

To enter new billing data, the following parameters are mandatory:

Company name: Enter the name of the company here
Address line 1: Enter the street name + number here
Zip code: Enter the postal code of the address here
Location: Fill in the name of the city/town
Country: Please enter the country
VAT Number: Please enter the VAT number.



Then click on the green "Save" button to save the invoicing data.
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