How do I add a new user?

Open module My Company

On the left you will find various modules. Here you will see the module "My Company". By clicking on it you will get several options under this button.


Open users 

In the overview located under "My Company", you will find the button "Users". Clicking on this will open the screen with an overview of all users.

Add new user

At the top you will find the green button "New user". Clicking on this will open a screen to create a new user.
Create user

To create a new user, the following parameters must be entered:

Username: Choose a unique user name.
Role: With this role you can determine to which parts of Agromanager this user has access. More information about these roles can be found on the right side of the screen.
Mobile Phone: Enter the phone number of this person.
Email: Enter this person's email address.
Password: Enter a strong password of at least 8 characters!
Two-Factor authentication: This is not mandatory but if you indicate it, you must enter a code when logging in, in addition to your user name and password. This code will be sent to the phone number of the user you just entered.



Then click on the green "Save" button. This will return you to the screen with an overview of all users.


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