How to add a new document?

Do you wish to add a document that should not be linked to a contact? Then follow these steps.

Open module My Company

On the left you will find various modules. Here you will see the module "My Company". by clicking on it you wil get several options under this button.


Open documents

In the overview that is located under "My Company", you will find the button "Documents". Clicking on this will open the screen with an overview of all your documents.


Add new document

At the top you will find the green button "New Document". Clicking on this will open the screen to add a new document.

Add document

To add a new document the following parameters have to be filled in:

Name: Each document needs a unique name, this way you will quickly know which document it is.
File: You can upload the document in this way.
Remarks: Here you can say something about the document that is important to you. This field is not required.



If you have completed the parameters, click the green "Save" button.
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