where do I find the introduction to my modules?

Open My company module

On the left side of your screen you will find the different modules. Here you will find the module "My Company". By clicking on it you will get different options under this button.


Open introductions 

In the overview located under "My Company", you will find the folder "Introductions". By clicking on this, you will again obtain various options under this folder.

Open module

Choose the module whose introduction you want to view. Clicking on this will open a screen with the introduction of the chosen module.

Switching on or off

Do you wish to display the introduction for a particular module by default?
Then, at the desired module (opened according to the steps above), click on the green "Switch on Introduction" button at the top right.


Do you wish to disable the introduction for a particular module? Then click on the red button "Switch on introduction" at the top right of the desired module.



Switch off all introductions

Do you wish to disable all introductions at once?

Open a module in the left side of your screen, for example "Culture". This will open the introduction of the Culture module. 

At the top right of your screen you will see a red button "switch off introduction".


Then you will get a screen where you will be asked to confirm if you want to disable all introductions. Do you wish to do so? Then click on "All". 


As you can see, you can also disable only the desired introduction through this way, you do this by choosing "Current only".

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