How do i add a new item in the list?

Open My Company module

On the left side of your screen you will find the different modules. Here you will find the module "My Company". By clicking on it you will get different options under this button.


Open lists

In the overview located under "My Company", you will find the folder "Lists". By clicking on this, you will again obtain various options under this folder.

Open desired item

In the overview under "Lists" you will find a button with the desired item.  
You can enter the following items yourself. 
Type of soil: which types of soil do you have?
Nationality: this is about the nationalities of your staff.
Sorting machine: which sorting machine do you use?
Residencies: what is the residence of your personnel?
Packaging method: in what way do you package your items?
Categories: what is the category of your fruit?
Tags: what tag do you give to your fruit?
Products: what products do you use in your spraybook?


Add new

These steps are the same for all of the above with one exception.

At the top you will find the green "New" button. Click this to create a new item.
See example picture.


Exception "Products"

For products, you must first open at the country in which you want to request a product. You do this by clicking on the blue "Open" button next to country.


At the top right you will find a green button "Request product". Clicking on this will open the screen for entering the data.


Enter and save data

Fill in the requested information and then click the green "Save" button.
Exception "Categories."
At "Categories" you will see an option to indicate "Is loss?". If you designate this, the system will automatically see this category as a loss and it will not be included in the stock.
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