How do i add a new treatment unit?

Open My Company module

On the left side of your screen you will find the different modules. Here you will find the module "My Company". By clicking on it you will get different options under this button.


Opening Lists

In the overview that is located under "My company", you will find the folder "Lists". By clicking on this, you will again obtain various options under this folder.

Open Treatment Units

In the overview located under "Lists," you will find a button labeled "Treatment Units."


Add new treatment unit

At the top you will find the green "New Treatment Unit" button. Click this to create a new treatment unit.



Enter data

To add a new treatment unit, the following parameters must be entered:

Name: what name do you give to your treatment unit?
Below you indicate for which treatment you want to see this unit: Tree Crop, Weeds, Fertilization or Miscellaneous.

Culture: on which cultures do you wish to merge in a treatment unit?
For example: name: young trees, please indicate all cultures with young trees.

Tip: We do not recommend working with treatment units,
if you later enter a new crop, it will not be automatically subdivided into
a certain treatment unit. 


To see how to find treatment unit details and how to edit or delete them please refer to the article "Where do I find the details of my items in the lists and how do I edit and delete them?"

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