How to add a new phenology



Open Spraybook Module

On the left you will find the various modules. Here you will find the module "Treatments". By clicking on it, you get various options under this button.

Open treatments

Under "Spraybook", you will find the folder "Treatments". By clicking on it, this will open the folder.

Open phenology

After clicking on "Treatments", you now have the possibility to click on "Phenology". Clicking on this will open a screen with an overview of all the phenology of each crop.

New registraton

In the top right corner you will find the button "New registration". Clicking on this will open a list where you can choose for which crop you want to register.


Fill in data

If you have chosen the crop, you will get a screen where you can make the registrations. For each variety, indicate the stage and fill in the date when this stage starts.



Save registration

If you have marked all the stages correctly and your date is correct, click on the green "Save" button. This is at the bottom of the list.
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