How do I add an extra bin to a post-harvest treatment?


  • Before you can apply these steps, you must first add a post-harvest treatment.
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Open spraybook module

On the left you will find various modules. Here you will find the module "Spraybook". By clicking on it, you get severeal options under this button.

Open post-harvest

In the overview that can be found under "Spraying", you will find the button "Post-harvest". Pressing this opens the "Post-harvest" folder. 

Open import 

After clicking on "Post-harvest", you now have the opportunity to click on "Import". Clicking on this will open a screen with an overview of post-harvest treatments.


Open treatment details

You can open the details of the treatment by clicking on "Open". This blue button is located to the right of the treatment name in the "Actions" column..


Then you get an overview of all the details of the treatment.


Adding a bin

At the bottom left of the "Code" column you will see a green "Add" button. If you click on this button, you will get a screen to insert a new box. 



Filter code

First, choose the filter that displays what you want to enter in your treatment. Select the desired line and then press search.


Then select the code(s) that you actually want to add to the treatment. Once you have selected them all, press "save".


useful tip:
If you want to select multiple codes,
please choose to make all codes visible.

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