How to plan a new treatment?



Open Spraybook Module

On the left your can find the module "Spraybook".  By clicking on this you get several options under this folder.

Open Planning 

You will find the "Planning" button in the overview under "Spraybook". Clicking this opens the screen with an overview of all your planned treatments.

Schedule New Treatment

At the top of the overview list of all scheduled treatments you will find the green "schedule treatment" button. Clicking this opens a list in which you have the choice for which you would like to carry out a treatment, for which you can choose.

Select Country 

If your culivations/parcels are not spread over several countries, this explanation has no added value for you.

If your cultivations/parcels are located in more than one country, you will get a screen where you have to choose in which country you want to perform the treatment. Choose the country and click on the "Next" button. You will then see a screen where you can enter the details of your treatment.



Fill in Data

When creating, the following parameters must be filled in:

Schedule date of treatment

At the top of your screen you fill in the start and end date of your treatment. You will also be given the opportunity to fill in the start and end time.


On the left you can determine the parameters of your area. The following parameters must be completed:

Display: Here you indicate whether the treatment is per cultivation, per plot,... will be carried out. You will also be given the opportunity to perform it per treatment unit.
A treatment unit: a grouping of cultures. To create a new treatment unit, please refer to the article "How to add a new treatment unit?".
What are you going to treat? Clarify which culture/plot/treatment unit you are going to treat.You can further 'unfold' the options by clicking on the following arrowmceclip4.png

Area type

Gross - Culture area x Spray factor
You will carry out the treatment on your gross cultivated area times the spray factor of this culture. 
Gross - Culture area
You will carry out the treatment on the gross culture area.
Gross - Black Strip
You only treat the black strip of the gross surface.
Gross- Grass Strip
You only treat the grass strip of the gross area.
This is the same as above, only the net area is used instead of the gross area.

Treatment area: this is calculated automatically.


On the right side of your screen you can enter the products you are going to use for this treatment.
Add Product:  Click on the button "add".
Below are the locations where your stock is stored. Indicate the location where the product for your treatment is located.


You will now be given an empty bar where you can enter the details of your product. The following parameters have to be filled in:

Name: Here you indicate the name of the resource you are going to use. The easiest way is to type your product in the bar itself. In this way you can quickly see whether the product is shown in the list.

Is your product not on the list? Then you must apply for a new product
do so by clicking on the white "Product not found?" button.
You will now be automatically redirected to the request for a new product.
Dosage/Ha* : Here you fill in how much of this product you want to use per hectare for this treatment.
Quantity* : Here you fill in how much of the product you use during this treatment.
Reason: Fill in the reason why you are doing this treatment.

* If you have entered one parameter, the other is automatically filled in by the system.

If you want to remove this product again, press the red "Delete" button. This button is next to the product, in the column "Actions".


On the right you can fill in the details of your treatment. This includes the following parameters: 

Machine: Here you indicate which machine you use for this treatment. If you wish to insert a new machine, please refer to the article "How to add a new machine to my spraybook?"
Configuration: Here you fill in which configuration you used, of your indicated machine, on your treatment. 
Performer: Here you fill in the person who will perform this treatment.

If you wish to add a treatment that does not require a machine, click on "Treatment is carried out without machine(s)".


Remarks: Here you have the opportunity to add some extra information about the treatment. This field is not mandatory.
Reason: Here you explain why you are carrying out this treatment. The possibilities are: 
Advice: your counsellor has advised you to do this treatment.
Observation: You have observed something that makes you do this treatment.
Model: based on scientific analyses.
Sample analysis: A sample has been taken from your crop. This showed that you have to perform a treatment


Save treatment

When all details have been entered correctly, you can click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen. 


Then you will get a screen with an overview of all your planned treatments.

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