How to indicate that a treatment has been carried out?


Open spraybook module

On the left of your screen you will find various modules. Here you will find the module "Spraybook". By clicking on it, you get various options under this button.

Open planning

In the overview that can be found under "Spraybook", you will find the "Planning" button. Clicking on this button will open the screen with an overview of all your planned treatments.

Open treatment details

You can find the details by clicking on the blue "Details" button. This button is located to the right of the treatment you would like to consult, in the "Actions" column.


Clicking on this will open a screen with all the details of your treatment.


Treatment carried out

On the right, in the "Status" section, you will find the green "Treatment has been carried out" button. Clicking on this button will open a screen similar to the one you get when scheduling a new treatment.



Fill in treatment details

The only difference is that the following parameters, which are in the 'Details' section, also have to be filled in:

Phenelogical stage: Here you indicate in which phenological stage your crop was when you performed the treatment.
Weather: This is filled in automatically. The weather data is retrieved every day at 12 o'clock.
Efficiency: Indicate how well this treatment has worked for your crop.


Save treatment data

If you have indicated the requested data correctly, click on the green "Save" button.


A screen will open, displaying all the details of the treatment you have performed.

You can find the performed treatments in the section "Treatments" > "Overview" in the module "Spraybook".

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