How to enter an executed treatment?


Before you can perform a treatment, you need to add a culture, machine, and configuration


Step 1 - Open Spraybook Module

On the left side of your screen, you will find various modules. Here, you can locate the Spraybook module. 
In the menu under Spraybook, you will find the Treatments folder.
Under Treatments, you have the Overview item. Clicking on this item gives you an overview of all treatments.

Step 2 - Create New Treatment

At the top of the list of all planned or executed treatments, you will find the green button New Treatment. Clicking here opens a list where you can choose the purpose for which you want to perform a treatment.

Step 2 bis - Specify Land

If your crops/fields are not spread across multiple countries, this explanation is not relevant to you.

If your crops/fields are in multiple countries, you will see a screen where you specify the country where you will perform the treatment. Choose the country and click the green button Next. Then, you will see a screen where you can enter the details of your treatment.


Step 3 - Fill in Details

To enter a treatment, you need to fill in some details step by step. Below, you can read how to do this:

  • Treatment Date

    At the top of your screen, enter the start and end date of your treatment. You will see that it is automatically filled in with the current date. You can easily change it by clicking on the date with your cursor. This also applies to start and end time.

  • Area

    On the left side of your screen, you can specify the type on which you are going to determine the area. Below the image, you can read the necessary information about each component so that you know how to fill it in.

    • Display:
      Here, indicate whether you will perform the treatment per crop, per field, per treatment units*, per grower, or biologically. 

    *This is a grouping of crops. For creating a new treatment unit, we refer you to the article How to add a new treatment unit?.

    • What will you treat?:
      Indicate which crop/field/treatment unit you will treat. You can expand the options by clicking on the next arrow.
    • Area Type:
      Through the settings under My Company, you can enter a standard area type for each type of spraying (crop, weed,...)
      • Gross - Crop x Spray factor: You will perform the treatment on your gross crop area times the spray factor of this crop.
      • Gross - Crop: You will perform the treatment on the gross crop area.
      • Gross - Black stripe: You only treat the black stripe of the gross area.
      • Gross - Grass stripe: You only treat the grass stripe of the gross area.
      • Net: This is the same as above, but here the net area is used instead of the gross area.
    • Treatment Area:
      This is automatically calculated.

  • Substances

    On the right side of your screen, you can enter the substances you will use for this treatment.


    To add a substance, click the green button Add.

    Here, you will see the location(s) where your stock is stored. Select the location where your treatment substance is stored.


    Now, you get a bar where you can enter the details about your substance. The following parameters must be filled in:

    • Name: 
      Here, specify the name of the substance you will use. The easiest way is to type your substance in the bar itself. This way, you can quickly see if the substance is displayed in the list. If the substance is not in the list, click all substances. This will give you a list of all substances in our database.
    • Dosage/Ha* :
      Here, enter how much of this substance you want to use per hectare for this treatment.
    • Quantity* : 
      Here, enter how much you use of the product during this treatment.
    • Reason:
      Enter the reason why you perform this treatment.
    * If you have filled in one parameter, the other one will be automatically filled in by the system.

    If you want to remove this substance, click the red button Remove. This button is next to the substance in the Actions column.

    Is your substance not in the list?

    You can add it by clicking the white button Substance not found?. You will be automatically redirected to the input page to submit the request for the new substance. 


    Want to quickly see how much substance you have left in stock?
    Click on the blue button stock. Here, you will get an overview of how much of this substance is still in stock.

  • Execution

    On the right side of your screen, you can fill in information about the execution of your treatment.


    The following parameters need to be filled in:

    • Machine:
      Here, indicate the machine you used for this treatment. 
    • Machine configuration:
      Specify the configuration of the indicated machine used in this treatment.
    • Executor:
      Enter the person who performed this treatment.
    • Water/ha:
      This shows how much water per hectare is needed.

    If you want to add a treatment that doesn't require a machine, click on Treatment is performed without machine(s).

  • Details

    On the right side of your screen, you can fill in the details related to your treatment.

    This includes the following parameters:

    • Phenological stage:
      Indicate the phenological stage your crop was in when you performed the treatment.
    • Weather:
      This is automatically filled in. Weather data is collected every day at 12 PM.
    • Comments:
      Here, you have the opportunity to mention something about the treatment that is important to you. This field is not mandatory.
    • Reason: 
      Indicate why you are performing this treatment. The options are: 
      • Advice: Your advisor recommended you to perform this treatment.
      • Observation: You observed something, leading to this treatment.
      • ModelBased on scientific analyses.
      • Sample analysisA sample was taken from your crop, indicating the need for a treatment.
      • Effectiveness: Indicate how well this treatment worked for your crop.

    Step 7 - Save Treatment

    When all the data is filled in correctly, you can click on the green Save button at the bottom of the screen. Subsequently, you will see an overview of all your performed treatments.

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