How to check my treatments?



  • Before you can apply these steps, you must first add an already performed treatment
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Open spraybook module

On the left you will find various modules. Here you will find the module "Spraybook". By clicking on it, you get various options under this button.

Open planning

In the overview that can be found under "Spraybook", you will find the "Planning" button. Clicking on this button will open the screen with an overview of all your planned treatments.

Open treatments

In the overview that can be found under "Spraybook", you will find the button "Treatments". Pressing this will open the "Treatments" folder.


Open overview

After clicking on "Treatments", you now have the opportunity to click on "Overview". If you click on this, you will open a screen with an overview of all treatments.
Schermafbeelding_2021-02-09_om_09.49.34.png                        Schermafbeelding_2021-02-09_om_09.49.50.png

Check treatments

At the top right of your screen you will see a white button "Check treatments". 


When you have clicked on this button, you will get a screen where you can choose which culture year and which lines you want to check.
The lines that have a green tick in front of them will be checked. You can remove the green tick by clicking on it.



Is it more convenient that your treatments are checked automatically?
Open "My Company" module, then "Settings". A page will open where you can
select "Check treatments automatically" under spraybook.
Indicate "Yes, and also indicate what the standard treatment checks are.
This will indicate which treatment checks should be performed by default.
Then click the green "Save"button.
Now your treatments will be checked automatically.

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