How do I add a post-harvest treatment?

Open Spraybook module

On the left you will find the various modules. Here you will find the module "Spraybook". By clicking on it, you get various options under this button.

Open Post-Harvest

In the overview, located under "Spraybook", you will find the button "Post-harvest". By clicking on it, you open the "Post-harvest" folder.

Open treatments

After clicking on "Post-harvest", you now have the opportunity to click on "Treatments". Clicking on this will open a screen with an overview of post-harvest treatments.


Add new treatment

At the top right you will find the green button "New Treatment". Clicking on this will open a list where you can choose between "Drenching" or "Smartfresh".


 If you choose this option, the screen will open for entering the data.

Fill in data

Date: Enter the date of the treatment here
Performer: Enter the person who will be performing this treatment.
Remarks : Here you have the opportunity to add extra informations about the treatment that is important to you. This field is not obligatory.
Products: (You only need to add products if you choose "Drenching".) Which products have you used for your treatment. You can add the products by clicking on the green "Add" button. Then select the location where the product is stored. Now you will see a line where you can fill in your product and the amount. To remove the product, click on the red 'Remove' button next to the product name.

Is your product not on the list? Then you need to make a request for a new product
by clicking on the white button "Product not found?
You will now be forwarded automatically to the product request form.

Save treatment

When all data have been entered correctly, you can click on the green "Save" button at the bottom of the screen. 


Then you will get a screen with the overview of all your planned treatments.


Add a fruit bin

To the right of your screen, you can now enter different bins/codes in your treatment. You do this by clicking on the green button 'Fruit Import'.



Then click on the green 'Add' button on the right



First, choose the filter that displays what you want to enter in your treatment. Select the desired line and then press search.


Then select the code(s) that you actually want to add to the treatment. Once you have selected them all, press "save".


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