How to create a new greenhouse?

Step 1 - Open culture module

On the left you will find the several modules. Here you will find the module culture. By clicking on it you will get various options under this button.

Step 2 - Open Greenhouses overview

In the overview that is located under Culture, you will find the button Greenhouses. By pressing this you open the screen with an overview of all your greenhouses.


Step 3 - Add a new greenhouse

At the top of the list of all greenhouses, you will find the green button New greenhouse. By clicking on it you open the screen to create a new greenhouse.

Step 4 - Entering data

In the new screen that opens, you can fill in all the parameters to create a new greenhouse.


The following parameters have to be filled in when creating a new greenhouse.


Greenhouse name: the name of the greenhouse is filled in here.
Greenhouse No: this is the serial number of this greenhouse.
Land RegistryNo: enter (optional) your Land Registrynumber. 
GLN Number: enter (optionally) your GLN number.
Grower: this indicates the grower of the field.
Country: the country where the field is located.
Grounded: Indicate whether the field is tied to the land or not.
Remarks: Free field where you can write something else about the field.


To addition to the greenhousedata, you must also enter the greenehouse setup.


Light transmittance: here you fill in the light transmittance expressed in µmol.

Greenhouse height: fill in the height of the greenhouse.

Path width: fill in the path width.

Heating present?: here you indicate there is heating in the greenhouse.


Step 5 - Save

When all details are entered correctly, you can click "Save" at the bottom of the screen. Then the overview of all the details of this greenhouse will open. 


If you click Greenhouses in the cultivation module after this, this greenhouse will be listed.

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