Where do I find an overview of my cultures and how do I edit and delete them?

Open culture module

On the left you will find various modules. Here you will find the module "Culture". By clicking on it you will get several options under this button.


Open culture overview 

In the overview under " Culture " you will find the button " Culture ". By pressing this you will open the screen with an overview of all cultures:



Open culture details

You can access the details of the culture by clicking on "details". This blue button is located to the right of the "Actions" column.


Then you get an overview of all the details of the crop.


Edit culture

At the top you will find the orange "edit" button. Clicking this will open the screen where you can edit your culture.
After you have edited the culture, click on the green button at the bottom "Save" .

Set the change date

After you press "Save", you will get a screen with "Change Date" as the title.

If a correction has been made, enter the last change date. You can find this in the orange bar.
If there is a real change after planting, enter the date the change took effect.

Once you have done this, press the green "Next" button. You will then get back an overview of all the details of your crop.



Remove culture

At the top you will find the red "delete" button. If you click on this button, you will see two options listed for removing. Namely, you can delete as "non-existent" or as "grubbed up".


None-existent: if you want to remove a culture completely, because it no longer exists or because of an error.

Grubbed up: if the crop has been grubbed up and there is or will be a new planting.


Delete culture as non-existent

If you want to delete the culture as "non-existent", click on the red "delete" button.




You will then return to the overview of all cultures. You will see that the culture, which you just removed, will no longer be there.


Delete culture as grubbed up

If you want to delete a crop as "grubbed up", click on the "delete" button.

Here you enter the date of grubbing up or the date of new planting if it is an ongoing culture.

If you want to create a new culture immediately leave the check mark on and click "next".



The entered date is immediately taken over as the date of new planting. Select the culture and the planting system depending on the crop. Then click on "next".



The new culture has been created. You just need to make the necessary adjustments and fill in empty fields. Then click on "save".









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