How to add a new machine to my Spraybook

Step 1 - Open Spraybook Module

On the left side of your screen, you will find different modules. Here, you will find the Spraybook module. Under this menu, you will find various items.

Step 2 - Open Machines

In the menu under Spraybook, you will find the item Machinery. Below, you will see an overview of all your machines.

Step 3 - Create New Machine

At the top of the list of all machines, you will find the green button New Machine. Clicking this button will open the screen to create a new machine.

Step 4 - Fill in Details

In the new screen that opens, you can fill in all the parameters to create a new machine.


You can indicate different types; when creating, the following parameters must be filled in:

Orchard Sprayer Field Sprayer Strawberry Sprayer Berry Sprayer Weed Sprayer Fertilizer Spreader Miscellaneous
  • Type: Select Orchard Sprayer.
  • Name: Each machine needs a unique name.
  • Number of Rows per drive-through: The number of rows treated in 1 pass.
  • Brand: Specify the brand name of your machine.
  • Tank Capacity: This is the amount that can be held in the tank.
  • Year of Manufacture: The year the machine was made.
  • Last approved: This is the date when your machine was last inspected.
  • Inspection Period: This is the number of years your inspection certificate is valid. If this period is about to expire, you will receive a notification in your Agromanager.
  • Comments: Here, you have the option to provide any information about the machine that is important to you. This field is not mandatory.


Step 5 - Save Machine

When all the details are filled in correctly, you can click on the green button Save at the bottom of the screen. You will be redirected to the overview page where you can add a new configuration to your machine. You can do this with: how do I add a new configuration to my machine?

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