How to add a configuration to my machine?


Before you can proceed with these steps, you need to add a machine.

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Step 1 - Open Spraybook Module

On the left side of your screen, you will find various modules. Here, you'll find the Spraybook module. Clicking on it will reveal several options under this button.

Step 2 - Open Machines

In the overview under Spraybook, you'll find the Machinery button. Clicking on it will open the screen displaying an overview of all your machines.


Step 3 - Open Machine Details

You can open the details of the machine by clicking on Details. This blue button is located to the right of the machine name in the Actions column.
You will then see a screen with the details of the machine.

Step 4 - Fill in Configuration Details

If you scroll down, you'll see a button at the bottom right of your screen, New Configuration. Here, you need to fill in all the parameters applicable to this machine's configuration.


For configuration, we distinguish 4 types of machines based on their application: crop, weed, fertilizer, and miscellaneous.

To create the configuration, you need to fill in several parameters. The parameters to be filled depend on the intended use of the machine.

Crop Weed Fertilizer Miscellaneous
  • Machine: This is the name of your machine to which the configuration applies. This is automatically filled in.
  • Name: Each configuration must have a unique name.
  • Water/Ha: Here, you fill in the number of liters per hectare you spray using this machine's configuration.
  • Treatment Width: This is the width covered when making a single pass.
  • Nozzle Type: Select the appropriate nozzle type present on your machine for this configuration. There are different types of nozzles:
    ATR = no anti-drift nozzles
    Any other type = anti-drift nozzles
  • Spray Pressure: The pressure at which you spray for this configuration.
  • DRT: The Drift Reduction Percentage is automatically filled in here. You can adjust it manually if necessary.
  • Number of Nozzles: Total number of nozzles open during the pass.
  • Liters/Min/Nozzle: This is automatically filled in, indicating how many liters are used per minute and per nozzle. You can adjust it manually if needed.
  • Speed: The theoretical speed at which you should drive when making a pass. This is automatically calculated based on the data you have filled in above. This speed may not be realistic due to nozzle deviations. You can adjust it manually.
  • Ha/Tank:  This is automatically calculated based on the data you have filled in above.
  • Comments: Here, you have the option to add any notes about the configuration that are important to you. This field is not mandatory.


Step 5 - Save Configuration

When all the data is correctly filled in, you can click on the green Save button at the bottom of the screen. This will open the machine overview with your machine's details. Below that, you'll find the configuration you just created.

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