How to register a new stock of crop protection products?

Open Spraybook Module

On the left you will find the different modules. Here you will find the module "Spraybook". By clicking on this you will get several options under this button.

Open Stock

You will find the "Stock" button in the overview under "Injection notice". By pressing this you open the folder "Stock". 

Open Overview or Logbook

After you have clicked on "Stock", you have the possibility to click on "Overview" or "Logbook". If you click on 'overview' you will open a screen with an overview of your current stock.

If you click on 'Logbook', you get all transactions (import, export, treatment,...) of your crop protection products.


Open your location

You can open your desired location when you have two different locations (his is where the products are stored) by clicking on the "Open" button. This blue button is located to the right, near the name of the location in the "Actions" column. 


You will be taken to a screen where you will find the logbook of the selected location.


New registration 

At the top of the overview list of the opened location you will find the green button "New registration". Clicking this button will open the screen to register your stock again.



Fill in data

When creating, the following parameters must be filled in:

Location: this will be filled in automatically.
Date: on what date was this stock registered?
Type:here you specify the type of recording. You have 4 possibilities here.
Import: have there been any new arrivals?
Export: were resources sent from stock?
Residual liquid: Was too much liquid made in the tank or was the wrong mixture made?
Stock count: Have you recounted your stock and would you like to enter these new numbers? If you go for this option, this stock count is seen as a new starting point. Any data you would change before this date will no longer affect the new stock count
Seller: If you choose "Import", you must enter the trader from whom you have withdrawn the products. To add a new seller, click on <New seller>. We would also like to refer you to the next article: How to add a new contact?.

Export to: If you choose "Export", you must indicate to where you export the resources.

Product: Which products would you like to add to your location? You can add the products by pressing the green "Add" button. Then select the location where the product is stored. Now you will see a line where you can fill in your the name of your product and the quantity. To remove the product click on the red "Delete" button next to product name.

If you have an empty box and the press save, the data will not be saved. so it is best to make sure that you have filled in all fields.

You can't find your product in the list? Then you can apply for a new remedy by clicking on the
the white button "Product not foud?".
You will now be automatically redirected to the request for a new product.


Save Stock

When all details have been entered correctly, you can click on the green "Save" button at the bottom of the screen. 


Next you get a screen with an overview of the stock.

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