How do I delete a delivery note?


A delivery note can only be deleted while it has not been completed. If the note is already completed, it must first be set back to 'in progress'. 

Step 1 - Open Delivery Notes

On the left side of your screen, you will find various modules. Here you will find the 'delivery' module. In the overview under 'delivery', you will find the 'Delivery Note' section. Clicking here will show you a list of all delivery notes. 

Step 2 - Open Delivery Note Details

On the right, at the level of the delivery note, you will find the blue button Details . By clicking here, you open the screen with the details of the delivery note.

Step 3 - Delete Delivery Note

At the top, you will find the red button Delete. You will have an option to delete it as non-existent or lost.

  • Non-existent

    Here, you indicate that an error was made, and the delivery was never executed.

  • Lost

    If you choose this option, the cargo was lost. The items that were part of the delivery note were present, but the shipment was destroyed/lost.

    If you clicked on Delete for a lost code, you will be asked if the empties were also lost. Afterward, you will return to the screen showing an overview of all delivery notes.



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