How to move fruit in the cold store?

Step 1 - Open Cold store Module

On the left side of your screen, you'll find various modules, including the Cold store module. By clicking here, you'll get several options under this button, including Move. This opens the overview screen for moving.


Step 2 - Open Cold store

You can open your cold store by clicking Open. You'll arrive at a screen where you'll find the cold store overview and the codes already in cold storage.


Step 3 - Indicate Position

First, click on the left side of your screen to select the position(s) where you want to place the bin(s). It will now turn green on your screen.

Step 4 - Add Sorted/Unsorted Fruit

Then, click at the bottom right on Add. You'll be asked whether it's sorted or unsorted fruit.

Next, a screen will open where you can enter the maximum number of binpallets in that position.

Once you've filled in the maximum number of bins/pallets per stack, click on Next.


Step 5 - Add Codes

First, choose the Cold storage filter if you want to move fruit from one cold storage to another.

Select the desired line and then press Search.

Then, select the code(s) to be entered into your cold storage.
Once you've selected all of them, press Save.


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