How do I export fruit?

Step 1 - Open Delivery Module

On the left side of your screen, you'll find various modules, including the Delivery module. This module contains 2 types of delivery notes: Import and Export. Clicking here will provide you with an overview list of all export notes or import notes, respectively.


Step 2 - New export note

Click on New delivery note and select export at the top right to proceed to the next screen.


Step 3 - Fill out export note details

Various parameters that need to be filled out will appear on the left side of your screen.

  • Type: Since you clicked on 'Export', this is automatically filled out.
  • Date: Date when the export occurred or will occur.
  • Sender: This is the person from whom the delivery originates. Since you are doing the export, this will usually be yourself.
  • Customer: This is the person for whom the delivery is intended.
  • Delivery Location: Specify the location where the fruit will be delivered.
  • Transporter: Indicate who is responsible for transporting the fruit.
  • Client: You can specify who the client is.
  • License Plate 1 and/or 2: This is an optional field. Here you have the opportunity to enter the license plate number(s) of the truck(s) that made the delivery.
  • Comments: Here you have the opportunity to add any comments about the delivery that are important to you. This field is not mandatory.

Step 4 - Checklist

On the right side, you can use a checklist to evaluate the delivery. You can fully customize this checklist under My Company - Lists - Checklist.


Step 5 - Save Export Note

Once you have filled out all the details correctly, you can click the green Save button at the bottom of the screen. You will then see a screen with all the details of this delivery note.


Step 6 - Export Products

On the right, under the Status section, you can find the Export button. By clicking here, you open the screen to further export fruit.


  • Add Fruit to Delivery Note

    For this step, you might need to scroll down. This will reveal the following sections: Unsorted Loaded, Sorted Loaded, Empty Crates Loaded. Click Add in the desired section to add unsorted/sorted/empty crates to the delivery note.

  • Add Codes to Delivery Note 

    Use the filter to select the location from where you want to get the codes. Then indicate which ones you want to use; multiple selections are possible. Press Search afterward.

  • Save Codes

    Select the codes you want to add to the delivery note; multiple selections are possible.
    Once you have selected all the codes, click Save. Your data will be saved, and you will be redirected to the screen with all the details of this delivery note.

Step 7 - Complete Delivery Note

When the export note is fully executed and filled out, you can complete the note. Click on Complete in the overview of the export note.


Step 8 - Confirm Completion

Then a POP-UP will appear on your screen. If you are sure you want to complete this export note, click Complete. If not, click Cancel.


  Useful Tip!

To find codes more easily, you can also use some Filters at the top of your screen.



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