How do I register harvest performance for hard fruit?


Step 1 - Open Harvest module

You will find the different modules on the left side of your screen. Here you will find the Harvest module.

Step 2 - Overview group

In the menu underneed Harvest , you will find the item Group. In this view you open the screen with an overview of all your groups.

Step 3 - Create new group

On the computer:

At the top right of your screen you will find the green New group button . With this button you can select staff for hard fruit .

On the scanner:

Here you choose New at the bottom with the option staff.

Step 4 - Enter group data

On the computer:

Give the new group a name.

Here you will also indicate on which devices this group is visible. You can already add staff here, but this is not mandatory.


After creating, you will see a detail of the group. You can find the staff members and fruit codes here.


On the scanner:

Give the group a name and press create


You can add people by scanning their badge member ID. 


Step 5 - Register storage bin

To allocate a storage bin to a group, it is sufficient to scan the pallet label.

You can also find this bin in the overview screen of your group.

Step 6 - Harvest Performance

Harvest Performance can be retrieved under harvest and then choose the item performance.

Here you will see an overview where you get a customized screen with the help of the filter and green table buttons. 

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